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Typical problems that we attend to includes:

        Oven not heating/overheating

          Oven shorting/tripping circuit breaker

          Light in oven not working

          Hot plates not heating/overheating

          Difficulty in closing oven door

          Faulty exhaust fan

          Gas burner not igniting

          Gas oven not lighting

          Gas oven doesn't stay on

          Oven fan (fan forced) not working

          Food not cooked/baked evenly, etc.


Call us on 0401 443 766 so that we can help you diagnose the problem and provide a free quotation.

Common parts that we replace includes: Oven Elements, Grill Elements, Coil Eelements, Solid Elements, Ceramic Elements, Igniters, Fans, Thermostats, Burners, Electronic Parts, Clock/Timer, Knobs, Regulators, Hinges, Induction Cooktops, Indicator Lights, Oven Lamps, Oven Door Glass, Cooktop Glass, Drip Bowls, Trims, etc.

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